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Marrakech // Souks, mint tea, and night skies

November 13, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I have officially set foot onto my fourth continent, Africa.

Right at the left corner of Africa sits Morocco, a beautiful country affluent with character. My convincing friends influenced me into buying this cheap round trip Ryanair ticket to Marrakech (15 euros each way).  After several weekends of globetrotting Europe, Morocco was indeed one valuable weekend experience.

Our four hour afternoon flight was unlike all our previous 6am flights and we arrived at around 4pm (changing timezones -1hr)

First impression:
1. It’s hot! (Where’s winter?)
2. Sandy / dusty roads and old vehicles
3. Sparkling airport with geometrically designed massive windows (a nice welcome)

Riding the taxi arranged by our airbnb / Riad owner was my first moment of awe. It was affordable, safe, and cheap to split amongst all of us so this was a smart move. (Thanks Miranda!)
The taxi split amongst the six of us was 30 dirhams each ($3.00).

BUT: The driver responsible to walk us to our Riad (*note: Riad is a large traditional Moroccan home) sent little children to take us.

Three little children multiplied to about fifteen. Lol. A few skinny roads later, we safely arrived to our riad, but didn’t have any small change to give them ( :/ ), sorry children!

Riads are BEAUTIFUL. This particular one we airbnb’ed had 2 queen beds and 2 twin beds, perfect for the 6 of us. The decor, the space, the terrace, the EVERYTHING! We fell in love.

Here are some photos:

List of our experience in Marrakech:
1. Souks
2. Jemaa el-Fnaa

Yes, this is a short list. (disadvantages of afternoon flights)

Bahia Palace closed half an hour prior to our arrival*tear. (It was 5pm) Everything in Marrakech closes early just like Copenhagen!

Tip: Never follow anybody! As we followed a man claiming to guide us to a Synagogue, (Yes, we were clueless enough to follow this guy) the Marrakech police (in disguise) saved us. He’s on the tourists’ side!

He told us to stop following him and took us to the Synagogue the robber was claiming he would take us to. (I don’t know man lol) He was probably going to take us and charge us a ridiculous amount.

Mint tea, Moroccan tomato soup (Harira), and some fresh squeezed orange juice were consumed at the MARKET to lift our mood. Mood lifted for sure.

YAAS. so cheap! 30 cents for soup, 50 cents for tea (all in US dollars).

YAAAAAS. Good day. good day.

Bus yes, we barely experienced Marrakech. (Why? You’ll see in the next post ;D)










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