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Update // finals, appreciation, thoughts

December 2, 2015

Buona sera WordPress,

Before I begin reminiscing the unforgettable memories I’ve made within the past two weeks, I thought I would document thoughts I’ve had in the past two days.

I honestly feel like I’m running up against a descending escalator because I’m paralyzed with the realization that finals week is approaching fast and I’m neither ready for the tests nor reality back home.

We’ve started the “applause for your professor on his / her last lecture” and I clapped for two professors today.

Although all my Professors have been impressive / incredibly kind, My Corporate Finance Professor exceeded expectations Bylightyears. My German Oxford graduate professor was incredibly clear, professional, and his passion as a professor seeped through his lectures. He was gone last week to present his research he received an award for in Hong Kong and Singapore. He treated our entire class to coffee after class (How dandy!) I wish I went to a business school now. ahaha.

He believes Globalization is happening and happening fast. I agree. Coming from an assortment of countries is no longer as ” special ” as it had used to be. He believes we’re approaching a time where we will no longer be able to say “I’m from _____ “ because we’d grow up / live in so many different places. Work will guarantee us to be global because that’s what our world demands. COOL, more travelling for me!

All jokes aside, he inspired all of us to be passionate and engage ourselves with current news through the occasional pre-lecture brief financial updates.

Finishing the dreadful weekly online homework assignments and the two big group case studies in all those empty classrooms / Bryan and Matt’s room / study halls / The Library gave us a true sense of accomplishment. We had full bellies from that yummy a’pertivo dinner after our last assignment.

Our “study abroad” adventure will one day be an ordinary experience that everybody will be required to go through. I’m truly excited for that day because it’s a precious and irreplaceable opportunity to grow. It causes students to open up their perspective and see different education from a different lens. A lot of the participants in the student organization that I’m heavily involved in back home are international students and I finally have a little idea of what they’re feeling (I think .. maybe)

Anyways, even though I struggle with learning (even now), I want to trick myself into wanting to learn the information in front of me so I’ll have the motivation to learn. “It’s all about perspective yo” (Taiga’s words lulz) .

Since the whole experience is not officially over yet (yeah, it’s very close) and it’s not time for a concluding post (yet), I’ll end it here.

There just so much I’m still clueless about! I need to open my eyes wider and wider and grab more and more chances so I can keep on learning and learning what this grand world has to offer! ^^


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