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mini update // short two week update

November 17 – December 1, 2015

Bonjour WordPress,

My boyfriend visited Europe and I for his two week Fall break (He has a weird school system). Being in a long distance relationship and all (Tokyo —  San Diego), EVERYBODY knew how remarkably excited I was for November 17th.

  • The two of us conquered:

  1. Milano
    1. San Siro stadium
      • He was like a little kid and fangirled all the famous players.
    2. Duomo
      • First time going to the roof/inside! **BEAUTIFUL
      • Bomb threats made security tighter / the streets emptier
    3. Sforza Castello
      • Taiga let me wear his jacket because it was freezing.(Holding hands was nice :D)
    4. Bocconi University
      • Yeah I made him sit next to me while I studied.
    5. Chocolat
      1. New favorite gelato spot near Cadorna Train Station. Their pistacchio was flavorful/creamy.
  2. Venezia
    1. Gondola
      • 80 euros; so expensive but twas a beauty (again)
      • I got to kiss him under the “Bridge of Sighs” 😀
    2. Long wine lunch @ an Osteria near a bridge
      • We finished a 75mL wine bottle and I was pretty tipsy.
    3. Me listening to him sing Santa Lucia everywhere
      • He apparently sang the song in grade school.
    4. Eating at Bigoi pasta shop
      • I left a message for Sara (my Venetian friend) on the white erase board in the shop but don’t think she saw it.
      • We tried Pesto (last time I tried the cuttlefish) and can’t get enough Bigoi!
  3. Firenze
    1. Michelangelo Piazzale (the typical view)
      • We went day and night and they’re both worth the hike.
    2. Giotto (the cupola view and a bunch of stairs)
      • 15euros to access the three main buildings near the Duomo! (Thanks for treating me Taiga :D)
    3. Delicious pizza and food
      • Fuocco Matto,a packed restaurant a little off-center, was unbelievably delicious! Order their Caprese pizza and all will be well. Complimentary house wine + limoncello also made the evening that much better.
    4. art art art (David, Primavera @ Uffizi & Accademia etc)
      • David is SURREAL. So much detail + so much staring was involved.
      • We didn’t buy the tickets in advance but were able to get inside both museums without waiting too long (maybe because of the shooting)
      • Taiga bought us matching street art so I’m about to treasure it forever!
  4. Paris
    1. Eiffel Tower 
      • We only saw it at night but it was sparkling stunningly.
      • Couldn’t stop staring.
    2. Sacre Coeur (White Basilica on top of the hill) and Montmartre
      • Our airbnb was right near it
      • Nice view of Paris from atop.
      • Triple the security was true because there were THREE security guards on every corner and every store (even Zara) checked our bags.
    3. Notre Dame
      • It had a nice wide piazza and a beautiful interior.
    4. the Louvre
      • No line, no wait for Mono Lisa and wasn’t crowded at all thank goodness.
      • Also, the metro was free on Sunday & Monday (dunno why)
    5. KUNITORAYA (best udon in the world – to me)
      • Taiga listened to my selfishness and gave into eating Japanese
      • There was a long queue after we finished eating. (SO GOOD)
      • The KUNITORA UDON (Pork with Miso) justified the long queue. (I think other things on the menu would be just as good)
    6. Chartier 
      • An affordable poppin’ (popular) French restaurant we stumbled upon had a long line as we walked out (lucky us again!)
      • A French couple next to us on our shared table helped us read the menu. (We had nice experiences with the French)
      • The staff was used to having an overflow of customers (That’s when you know it’s gooood)
    7. Christmas Market
      • Foie gras, salmon, oyster, bon bons, yum yum!
      • The street on the way to the Arce de Triomphe
    8. UN Environmental Program protest
      • A BUNCH of people and security (scared me so much but Taiga was so interested he kept going closer)
      • ALSO, a drunk guy on the metro scared me SO much. I thought he was gonna cut us or something. UGH
      • ALSO, we saw a car/bike accident
      • ALSO, I literally jumped a foot when I heard a honk coming out from the subway (so jittery and cautious throughout the trip ahaha)
    9. Taiga’s friends
      • We met two of his friends, one from ICU and one from UCSD!
      • They are French & Italian (Pierre & Edoardo) and they were both studying abroad in ICU and UCSD temporarily when he met them. I got to try some of Shinluchu (Anzu sake) at Pierre’s apartment. I also got to hear Edoardo’s experience during the Terrorist attack (He lives in the Republique).

….On a side note: He went to Amsterdam for 3 days to visit his Holland friend he met in Indonesia. I had class between  our Italian and Parisian adventures.

All in all, lots of wine, sweets, talking, and enjoying our time together (: I missed him tons, but now I feel like I’m ready to start fresh and new again! Gotta go get that haircut to complete the “readiness”ahaha.

I remember last Christmas I barely knew him when I showed him around San Francisco. In the beginning of 2015 I told myself “new year new me”. It quite literally became that way. What’s in it for me next year? (:




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