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Victim // pickpocket, metro

December 4, 2015

Good evening WordPress,

My “espresso and gelato wasted” caption accurately depicts my current status.  I’ve been cafe hopping and sitting for hours scrolling through my online textbooks and practice assignments. BRAIN, PLEASE JUST INPUT THIS INFORMATION INTO MY HEAD.

Before all the studying that has been done (or not done), another “stupid seira” moment had to come across my study abroad ventures.

Yes, as the caption states, I got robbed DANG IT.


After studying for hours at this cute cafe called Pave that morning, I headed to my 2:30pm class on the metro content and all, until this Japanese tourist couple started muttering Japanese in front of me.

With my Japanese radar, I listened in. They were talking about being careful about their bags and how people looked so suspicious.

“ใ‚ใฎไบบใ™ใ”ใ„ใงใฃใ‹ใ„ๆฏ›ๅธƒใงๆ‰‹้š ใ—ใฆใŸใ‘ใฉใœใฃใŸใ„ๆ€ชใ—ใ‹ใฃใŸใ‚ˆใญโ€

…. what.

They didn’t know I understood, but at that moment, the doors of our current train stop, Lanza, closed.

The guy told me that my backpack was open in Italian. WHAT.


They left at the next stop, Cadorna, and I was double, no, triple checking if my wallet was gone. Yes. It was gone. 

What. what. what. what. what. what. what. what. what.

I went back to the Lanza ATM (metro) staff who didn’t understand English,

who sent me to the Cadorna ATM staff,

who sent me to the Duomo ATM staff,

who sent me to the Duomo Polizia,

who sent me to the Duomo Polizia Station on Via Torino.

All the while, I was holding back my tears at the frustration of being so stupid for not watching my bag carefully enough and the audacity of a human being to take something I treasured so dearly away from me.

Anyways, the Police near the Duomo were SUPER kind. (Compared to the SUPER rude ones on Via Chopin).

They helped me out right away (maybe cause I was the most distressed out of all the people in the waiting room / cause I was a foreigner)

I filed a Police Report and that was that. I cried my eyes out as I walked to class. People were staring but I really, REALLY, did not care.

I missed my 2:30pm final Accounting class of the semester. (dang it, I really don’t understand that class).

I made it to my LAST Corporate Finance class and…there goes the last day of class at Bocconi! GREAT DAY. GREAT DAY.

I lost my debit card, over 200 euros of cash (Taiga just paid me back for his share of airbnb), my driver’s license, Bocconi ID, my esselunga card (lol), my UCSD ID, and most importantly, THE WALLET. MY FAVORITE BLUE KATE SPADE WALLET I WAS GIVEN ON MY 18TH BIRTHDAY FROM CHRISTINA SOE MY BEST FRIEND. T_____________T. I cry. I cry.

Ugh, just gotta move on, right? I filed a police report, cancelled my card, gonna submit an insurance claim for UCEAP, and still have my ATM(metro) card and my room ID card because I kept those in my pocket.

Now I’m cashless and broke until Monday (when my debit card is SUPPOSED to be delivered, who knows).

Good luck to me on my exams. May the exam force be with me.


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