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Testing // End of Bocconi

December 19, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I’m in the comfort of my home in Daly City and I find that it’s difficult to look back at EVERYTHING after this long hiatus, but here I go.

After that pickpocketing incident, I fell right into Bocconi University’s two week finals.

My exams were on Friday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Cafe after cafe, school after school, I literally sat on my butt reviewing all my material day in and day out. The pro-side of this spread-out schedule was the amount of time I had for reviewing material, but the con-side was that I was almost the last one done.

Testing has never been fun.

Financial Markets and Institutions was a ridiculously hard test (the professor seemed to have an evil smirk throughout the test), Corporate Finance was easy, and Management Accounting was ALRIGHT.

I planned it so my last day of testing was also my last day in my dorm.

The end of my Bocconi experience was definitely quick and rushed.

Test, test, test, pack, leave! 

We followed with out last fancy Italian meal, last gelato, and first/last La Fontanella (a pub).

Rebecca, Tim, Amanda, and I had our last fancy Italian meal at Nerino Dieci, the number one tripadvisor restaurant in Milan.
The saffron pasta I had was delicious, and so was Tim’s lobster pasta, Rebecca’s cuttlefish pasta, and Amanda’s lasagna!
Some highlights: Free champagne, pasta made out of a parmesan bowl, flavored bread

Dessert was my favorite gelato, Cioccolatitaliani (Rose and Pistachio)

To finish off the night, we joined the rest of our study abroad friends at La Fontanella, a pub in Navigli! They were already working on a 10Liter beer tub. I was already feeling wine from dinner ahaha. It was definitely a nice way to end things with everybody! Laughs and smiles all around.

Tim was drunk after taking numerous double tequila shots from Cindy’s boyfriend Howard. LOL. He was talking to a pole, dancing, and everything entertaining you can imagine. The only bad thing about this was his hangover for the next day when I had a flight with him to Amsterdam at 11am.

We made it home, we packed, we showered, and that was the end of Arcobaleno, Bocconi, and Milan.


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