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Amsterdam // in a nutshell

December 19-21, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Delayed blog posts become more of a summary than a reflection, but tis alright.

I left all my luggage at Filippo’s place on the Thursday before leaving (day before Fontanella, Finals, Dinner, etc), and I didn’t notice I didn’t pack so much into my big suitcase. I had SO much to squeeze into my tiny duffle bag + backpack. A panic attack later, I was able to leave some things in Tim’s room for him to take to London and then back to Milan later. (THANK YOU TIM)

A flight later, we met up with Amanda, Rebecca, Cameron, and Kunal! REUNITED!

What was great about this trip was the fact that they were there. When I was planning for my climax (trips), I planned to visit Netherlands, Belgium, and England alone, but 2/11 of those days were spent alone.


I now understand why Girgis (one of our study abroad buddies) says Amsterdam is his “favorite”. (lolol)

what we did:
1. Red light district
2. Van gogh Museum
3. Anne Frank’s house
4. Heineken Museum (only the guys)
5. Christmas market
6. Canal Cruise
7. walk walk walk..

This scenic beautiful city, kept me repeating “I love Amsterdam”! It’s full of cheese stores, tulip shops, and pointy homes.

The red light district was eerie, with prostitutes behind glass doors seducing customers. One person took a photo and the lady kicked and banged the door aggressively to express her anger. I would understand! NO PHOTOS ALLOWED!

The Van Gogh museum did not disappoint. In addition to his paintings (which were mind blowing), his whole life is on display. I love how he grew as a painter through practice and perseverance. He self-reflected often and thought beneath the surface which is something I respect from the bottom of my heart ❤

Too bad thinking too much made him crazy!

TIP: Line up for big name locations in the MORNING (unless your hung over) because lines are cray cray during the day!

Anne Frank’s home was another bucketlist-like place to check off! I’m glad her dream to have her books published came true. (All thanks to her father). It was so devastating to think she died one month before liberation from Auschwitz.

One thing I noticed: Anne Frank and Van Gogh are both famous thanks to their surrounding family members.
Anne Frank her father, Van Gogh his sister in law.  Her father published her diaries and Van Gogh’s sister in law worked hard to sell his paintings to galleries! Always be thankful for your family ❤ 

I bought a Heineken glass cup with my dad’s name engraved, but..but.. I DROPPED it and shattered it. *tear.

Many stroopwaffles later, I said good bye to everybody and I was on my solo way to BRUSSELS.


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