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Belgium // in a nutshell

December 21-24, 2015

Dear WordPress,

The most unlikely event occurred on this trip. I HUNG OUT WITH BILLY FROM UCSD JSA. what what!?

So it went like this:
I posted an instagram picture in Amsterdam and he messaged me if I was staying.
“Oh I’m leaving on Monday to Brussels though”

So we met up! He was visiting his childhood friend that currently lives in England and travelling to Belgium/Netherlands together!

Day 1
I spent my first day in Belgium (Brugge) alone! I took an hour train ride and first went to the Info Center to get a map. No data Seira relied on the old school map to look around.
Brugge made me feel like I was in a fairytale / gingerbread world.

The christmas markets sold christmas goods unlike the ones in Milan and Amsterdam so I ended up buying a cute ornament!

Interesting things that happened:
1.Finding the train that takes us to Brugge was a team effort (with strangers)
2.Some guy in the car opened his window and told me to follow the crowd
3.Random stranger asked me for a photo with them
4.Almost got stuck inside a church
5.Talked to some Belgians from Ghent for directions

Day 2:
 I went to Ghent with Billy and Andrew for this day. Ghent had a medieval feel. I think it’s because most of our time was spent in this stone castle. It reminded me of Runescape, an online game I played in elementary school. (LOLz)
The Christmas markets in Ghent was the largest/best. I wish I was there for night time!
We ate 1 euro Belgian waffles and scrumptious soup!
I felt like I got to know Billy better by talking to his childhood friend and him. Travelling helps you know a person better I suppose (: I’ll see him in SD! (:

Day 3:
Today was Brussels day! Breakfast with Billy and Andrew at Paul’s, a cute bakery chain. They left for Brugge on this day while I walked around Brussels purchasing last minute gifts for home. Belgian chocolate is so sweet and yummy.
Did you know: Godiva originated in Belgium!?
Did you know: Mannekin Pis (The peeing boy) is known as one of the most disappointing historic figures in history?!
Well, at the end of the day, I headed on a train to LONDON!

P.S: All this while, I’ve been completely sick. After finals ended, I lost my voice and could not stop coughing. So much for a healthy trip! I’m still coughing till this moment because I never got the chance to recover.
P.S #2: I stayed at the same hostel chain, MEININGER, in all three cities (Amsterdam, Brussels, and London), and have been comparing them 😀
I liked Amsterdam’s the best! It was the cleanest/most private. 5/6 of us in Brussels were sick, and London’s was just old and the wifi didn’t work in our rooms.

I chunneled to London and Eurostar was ALRIGHT (sorta old). I didn’t know we still had to go through customs to get to England! Is it still part of the EU!? lol


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