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London // in a nutshell

December 24-December 29

Dear WordPress,

There is this blatant stereotype that London is a gloomy city with mediocre food.

I was proven wrong. Even though I arrived at King’s Cross station where the famous Harry Potter’s Station was, I did not have the energy to search for it so I headed to the hostel right away. My London excursion was taken slowly because Tim and I were both sick children who were too travelled out for anything extreme.

The Korean traveller + a Wash University St. Louis Grad student were my hostel-mates.

Since public transportation / everything is closed in London on Christmas, Tim and his family welcomed me to their home. I have many thanks to Tim and his family for this last portion of my climax trip. He helped me save tons of pounds while still enjoying myself(LOL).

We ate hotpot, had turkey, Christmas cake, many cocktails, and just an abundance of decadence. I felt stuffed, but the Cantonese vibes reminded me of home.

That shrimp though..! (shrimp is my favorite)

Have you heard of “Boxing Day”!? It’s a Black Friday type day where everything goes on sale since Christmas is over. I guess Americans would call it “After Christmas Sales”. Yes. I am pretty clueless.

Boxing Day filled the street with shoppers, so instead of shopping, we went on London Eye (so freaking expensive and our one splurge), saw Big Ben, and basically CHILLED.

Ahh London is so beautiful! Tim bought a DSLR and practiced taking photos with it!

We met with Kunal the next day and we went to the British Museum because it was free (LOL pt2) and I saw a preserved mummy (eerrriiee).

Then we went to the Tate Modern Museum because it was free (LOL pt3) and saw MODERN ART. I still think Van Gogh was the best.

There were too many people because it was holiday season. I died from claustrophobia. TOO MANY PEOPLE. This was when I realized weekend trips saved us from the tourist attacks.

LIKE BUCKINGHAM PALACE was CRAY! I couldn’t see ANYTHING for the changing of the guards….. so I just gave up ahaha. Who..cares..right? lol.

Tim showed me his favorite Japanese restaurant and it was really legit/yummy/affordable!

On another note, transportation was definitely the wallet killer! I spent 10 pounds a day and more for the cost of going to the airport and such! Without Tim’s oyster card (aka Clipper/Suica/etc), we would’ve lost a lot more.  They don’t charge you after you spend a specific amount.

Camden Market, a MASSIVE market to walk around was fun to walk around / eat in too(:

I’m sorry this is so blunt ahaha so tired maybe I’ll continue writing later.





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