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Barcelona // Final day, Mercat Boqueria, Castel Montjuic

October 5, 2015

Buenos Dias WordPress,

It was an early last morning in Barcelona. After grabbing some must-have flaky buttery croissants and cafe con leche at Petit Pot near our hostel (perfect croissants by the way), we headed to Castel Montjuic in under-the-weather conditions.

Castel Montjuic is the farthest destination we could possibly have picked, but we just had to go back to see it after taking a glimpse for the Magic Fountain show a few nights back. (Told you I’d come back)

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Barcelona, Delicacies, Excursions

Barcelona // Empanadas, Tours, and Park Ciutadella

October 4, 2015

Hola Buon Dia WordPress,

DID YOU KNOW: Barcelona is on the verge of an independence movement? It may become its own country called Catalunya. Most people mainly speak Catalan (their language) So 3-years of high school Spanish didn’t save my poor attempt to read signs on the streets.

So how do I know all these “DID YOU KNOWS”? The answer is all thanks to Rayting (my Australian friend travelling Barcelona at the same time + in the same hostel)! She recommended this daily free walking tour hosted by our hostel360! Rebecca ditched us in order to make it to her Monday class. *tear SO Cameron and I decided to participate on this two hour historical/fact-filled free walking tour.

Before 10:40am (the tour) , I had breakfast with Rayting’s travel group of 6 girls. We got breakfast at this fancy place nearby. I had a delicious spanish omelet + some mini cakes. It was a tad pricey. I wouldn’t have gotten those mini cakes if I knew they were 1.1 euro each -___- It was delicious so I decided not to regret it lol. Talking to those girlies was a nice change from talking to Cameron all day… LOL jk Cameron, you’re awesome. aha

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Barcelona, Delicacies, Excursions

Barcelona // Park Guell, Magic Fountain, Sagrada Familia

October 3, 2015

Buon Dia WordPress,

Barcelona is trendy. Barcelona is young. Barcelona is my future city ❤

This city clearly capped and exceeded my expectations. Us three ecstatic travellers grabbed our crumpled maps and headed out the huge European hostel door ready to conquer Barcelona. We didn’t let the thunder/lightening that was rattling our windows throughout the night tire us (It was the loudest/longest thunderstorm EVER)

We had our longest trek, 33,305 steps, today. WHAT. I’ve never passed 30,000 in a day according to my iphone. My feet were seriously dying by the end of the day. Every step was pain. Ow. Ow. Ow.

In addition, I was not wearing the right shoes. GREAT. lol But.. we saved money on transportation (the main reason we avoided public transit lulz)

Besides the complaints, we got our exercise + we got to see every corner of Barcelona whether we liked it or not.

Rebecca’s itinerary for the day:
1. Sagrada Familia
2. Park Guell
3. Gracia Barrio
4. Las Ramblas (La Rambla)
5.Castell de MontJuic
-Basically, all the tourist sites-

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Barcelona, Delicacies, Excursions

Barcelona // Sangria, Xurros, and BEACH!

October 2, 2015

Hola WordPress,

I have so much to tell you! I just finished my first full weekend flight in Barcelona, Spain. Let me just say that all the walking that was entailed in this trip left me with blisters and sore feet. BUT IT WAS ALL SO WORTH IT.

Pedometer check: (10,000 steps is about 5 miles)
October 2 (Friday): 25,050 steps
October 3 (Saturday): 33,305 steps
October 4 (Sunday): 28,719 steps
October 5 (Monday): 22,070 steps

Rebecca, Cameron, and I, the only three to embark on this weekend trip, took a spanish low-cost-carrier (LCC) airline (Vueling) into Barcelona. A bunch of model-like European guys sitting near me made my first LCC flight experience all the better ( ;D ;D ;D ) ahaha. Then there were a couple of bald guys a few rows ahead of my seat. This coincidence definitely made me lol.

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