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Munich // Neuschwanstein Castle


October 24, 2015

Hello WordPress,

Munich provided us with another magical experience at Neuschwanstein Castle AKA New Swanstone Castle.

King Ludwig II of Bavaria, Germany, built this beauty in the late 19th century as his vaca-home to escape chaotic Munich.
Ugh. I wish I had a villa like this. I would never leave. It was SO BEAUTIFUL. Its beauty justifies why Sleeping Beauty’s castle was inspired by this castle.

It’s surreal when you first see it on the hills surrounded by the autumn leaves because it’s so high up compared to the location the bus drops you off.

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Excursions, Germany, Munich

Munich // St. Paul Church, Hofgarten, Pork Knuckle

October 23, 2015

Hello wordpress,

So, if you know me, you know that I often lead people in the wrong direction. It happened again, but don’t worry, this time it was the good kind of lost (which rarely happens).

I walked towards the tallest closest church and it ended up being 180 degrees away from the center (where we were trying to go). We escaped the drizzles and droplets of rain that were making our clothes damp as we skeptically entered the empty church under construction.

This church, St. Paul’s Church, was not one of the “Top Destinations” on the guidebooks, but I’m sure glad we found it.
Here’s why:

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Munich // Dachau Concentration Camp, BMW Welt, Olympic Park

October 22, 2015

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Dachau Concentration Camp

I’ve always wanted to see and visit a concentration camp with my own eyes. I still can’t forget the disgust and sorrow I felt the first time history class exposed me to Hitler and the Nazi regime. How could anybody be so barbarous? How can you hate an entire race? Reading Night by Elie Wiesel and watching Schindler’s List sent shivers up my spine throughout it all. (I recommend them both)

The orange, red, and yellow autumn leaves fluttering down made it even more difficult to imagine what had happened in Dachau Concentration Camp. I couldn’t even start to imagine how a person standing in the same spot less than one hundred years ago felt as s/he had probably feared for his/her life during morning or night roll call. Amanda and I kept on mentioning how Dachau camp had a creepy yet serene feel to it. It was definitely the leaves and the quiet space.

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Crazy Oktoberfest // Munich

September 25, 2015

Gutentag WordPress,

I just experienced a historical point in my life everybody! I experienced Oktoberfest in Munich and came back to Milan all within the past two days. How was this possible? ESN, the international student group at Bocconi, organized night buses to Germany so that we could celebrate this festivity at a low cost + short period of time.

Oktoberfest is equivalent (in my opinion) to a county fair with huge beer tents and high quality rides. Basically, county fair x one thousand times the craziness and quality.

Munich was definitely chillier than Milan so a scarf was a must and my furry rain-boots were a double must. I can’t believe winter is right around the corner already. I need more coats + gloves + warm attire. (Bring them over Christinaaaa D: ahaha) I didn’t purchase the 50-70 euro Oktoberfest attire that other people bought. It looked cute, but it wouldn’t have looked good on me anyways :p aha.

The first and only beer tent we went into was impressive. It’s interesting to think they built such sturdy “tents” (more like buildings) for this event. We sat with a few Germans who work at Volkswagen from Hamburg and were sandwiched by two crazy Italian groups. We luckily got a table right away and I slowly drank what I think was 1.5 steins (liters) of beer. AIYA. It too much for me because I felt so sick afterwards. I definitely exceeded my limits, but I’m glad the sickness took a while to sink in because I enjoyed my drunk-ness.

 Some crazy stories I’ve heard:

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