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Testing // End of Bocconi

December 19, 2015

Dear WordPress,

I’m in the comfort of my home in Daly City and I find that it’s difficult to look back at EVERYTHING after this long hiatus, but here I go.

After that pickpocketing incident, I fell right into Bocconi University’s two week finals.

My exams were on Friday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Cafe after cafe, school after school, I literally sat on my butt reviewing all my material day in and day out. The pro-side of this spread-out schedule was the amount of time I had for reviewing material, but the con-side was that I was almost the last one done.

Testing has never been fun.

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Victim // pickpocket, metro

December 4, 2015

Good evening WordPress,

My “espresso and gelato wasted” caption accurately depicts my current status.  I’ve been cafe hopping and sitting for hours scrolling through my online textbooks and practice assignments. BRAIN, PLEASE JUST INPUT THIS INFORMATION INTO MY HEAD.

Before all the studying that has been done (or not done), another “stupid seira” moment had to come across my study abroad ventures.

Yes, as the caption states, I got robbed DANG IT.

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Update // finals, appreciation, thoughts

December 2, 2015

Buona sera WordPress,

Before I begin reminiscing the unforgettable memories I’ve made within the past two weeks, I thought I would document thoughts I’ve had in the past two days.

I honestly feel like I’m running up against a descending escalator because I’m paralyzed with the realization that finals week is approaching fast and I’m neither ready for the tests nor reality back home.

We’ve started the “applause for your professor on his / her last lecture” and I clapped for two professors today.

Although all my Professors have been impressive / incredibly kind, My Corporate Finance Professor exceeded expectations Bylightyears. My German Oxford graduate professor was incredibly clear, professional, and his passion as a professor seeped through his lectures. He was gone last week to present his research he received an award for in Hong Kong and Singapore. He treated our entire class to coffee after class (How dandy!) I wish I went to a business school now. ahaha.

He believes Globalization is happening and happening fast. I agree. Coming from an assortment of countries is no longer as ” special ” as Continue reading

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Milan // my favorite pizza place, rant

November 2, 2015

Dear WordPress,

UGH Trenitalia, you are horrible once again. From delays to stolen money to weird policies to everything in between, you are just an endless struggle for us foreigners.

On the day of our day trip to Bologna, my friend attempted to buy tickets only to be charged and not receive any shape or form of our tickets. On the day of, we ended up buying them at the machine since we didn’t have time.

She called Trenitalia, went to the Milano Centrale booth TWICE, called her credit card company, and now filed a complaint online.

I’ve heard of / experienced so many more Trenitalia mishaps. sigh.

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Lake Como // Serene, Swans, Scenic

October 31, 2015

Dear WordPress,

Being the naive Seira I usually am, I’ve never went out of my way and prioritized a trip to Lake Como. It’s a lake, it’s pretty, but what more is there?

There is so much more.

Lake Como is a peaceful area reserved for the rich (only because the rich can afford such land), where many wealthy families buy/build their villas. It seemed like a retirement spot to me. George Clooney even owns an estate there!

Filippo and I were originally planning to take a trip down to the Expo for its final day, but after hearing the 10 hour queue to get inside the Japan Pavilion, he decided that Lake Como / Parma / some other location would be better. Okay, I suppose.

I was a bit bummed that the Expo had to be so crowded and shouldn’t have procrastinated my trip there, but Lake Como was pretty cool too. The nice weather pumped me up for the spontaneous day trip (I would recommend only going there when the weather is nice).

It reminded me of Sausalito (excuse my repetitive comparison to the Bay Area), but the real highlight of the day were the SWANS!

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Bologna // the land of the Bolognese Tagliatelle

October 30, 2015

Buongiorno WordPress,

Back on day trips within Italy ❤ With all the chaos during Christina’s stay and endless and restless testing, it was about time I had a relaxing day trip.

Rebecca, Rayting, and I took the 9:20am (later than all the other trips) to Bologna! The three hour train ride felt longer than usual so I enjoyed reading Flowers for Algernon (Christina finished this book in 2 days while I’m taking forever lol)

Bologna is known for its Bolognese sauce + its FOOOD. That’s exactly what we gorged on. FOOOOOOOOOOOOD ❤

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